Mannequin challenge in year 4 and 5.

Hi parents and guardians! Would you like to watch our Mannequin Challenge video? We decided that we would show you  a snapshot of our learning in numeracy! Year 5 have been learning about squared and cubed numbers. The children have been using practical resources to help them understand. We have used excellent teamwork skills to encourage each other and we are making sure that we always have a positive attitude towards our work.

 In Year 4, it’s always busy in our classroom but it’s a fantastic learning environment that’s always buzzing with inquisitive minds getting ready to solve tricky questions.  The carpet is where we do our initial learning but then we’re off to either the “campfire” where we’ll sit with Miss Donoghue or Aida.  The “wolfpack” where we’ll sit with a partner and work together or the “cave” where we’ll work on our own in a very peaceful and quiet environment.  

 We hope that you will ask your child about their learning from today! Underneath the video are a few quotes from our children.


The children wanted to give you a snap shot of what it’s like in school during maths and this is what they would like you to know –

“We have done this challenge to show you how hard we have been working when we’ve been doing today in division”.

“We have been using diennes to show our working out!”

“Miss Donoghue was showing us how to do something with division.  I put my hand up because I like answering questions even if they’re difficult.  It’s always a challenge.”

“I was sat in the cave – this is where we do really hard learning.  It’s tricky but we got through it”

“First it was tricky to learn about cubed numbers, but now it makes sense!”

eg dienes to solve the division answers.  I like using diennes because it helps me figure out the answers.”

“We have been working really hard on our multiplication – a big thumbs up so far from me!”

“I found learning about square and cubed numbers fun!”

“I didn’t get it first, but after I practised, I understood.”

“I hope you’re really proud of us!”