We’re going on a bear hunt in Nursery

Where will we go on our bear hunt? Through the squelchy mud, the soft grass or the cold snow? The children experienced walking through different textures and described how they felt using words from the story or new words – spiky, freezing, squashy, wet. They then continued exploring the different textures with the addition of small world.

Nursery Rhymes in Early Years

A large web has been spun outside the Early Years class rooms. How can you get across Incy Wincy Spider’s web without being caught? Will you go under or over it, but be careful not to touch the web!

Walking down the red carpet

As part of our ‘I’m a celebrity’ topic, children in KS1 were invited to dress up as their favourite famous person or icon from past or present. We had a huge range of celebrities in the classroom, ranging from actors such as Tom Holland and Johnny Depp, to historical figures such as Cleopatra and Brunel and a huge team of footballers too! Thank you to parents for taking time to support your children in preparing these outfits. We had a fantastic time walking down the red carpet and striking a pose!

Toy vehicles

It’s been a long process. We began by talking about real vehicles and the jobs they do. We also explored toy cars, trucks and trains in school, thinking about how they were put together and the names of the parts. We then designed our own toy vehicles as Christmas gifts. We took our containers and painted them (after some very careful paper mache work) then attached the axles and wheels. We feel very proud of what we’ve achieved and are looking forward to taking them home to share with our families.


Reminder to Parents/Carers – if you have a child born between 1 September 2015 and 31 August 2016 they are due to start Reception class in September 2020. The closing date for applications is January 2020. Please not applications received late may not get their preferred school even if they have a sibling already in attendance. Applications should be made to the local authority where the child lives; regardless of the location of the school they are requesting. For more information and to apply online parents/carers can go to www.bristol.gov.uk/admissions. If you need help with the application process please contact the admissions team on 0117 903 7694 or email school.admissions@bristol.gov.uk

Battle of the Bands!

During the last week of term, Key Stage 2 will be taking part in the ‘Battle of the Bands’ competition on TT Rockstars. The competition will start on Monday 16th December at 8.30am and finish on Friday 20th December at 3.30pm. Remember that the more you log on at school and at home, the better chance you’ll have at winning!

Let the battle commence…

Santa’s been kidnapped!

KS1 had their first performance of their Christmas show ‘Santa’s Been Kidnapped’ today. Their performances were brilliant – well done Year 1 and Year 2. We perform again tomorrow morning to parents, carers and families. Here is a sneak preview from behind the scenes!

Nursery at Stoke Park

Currently open for 3 – 4 year old’s from their 3rd birthday. Funded 15 and 30 hour spaces available. Please call the school to arrange a visit.

Wriggly Nativity

Early years are getting ready for their Wriggly Nativity performance!!
Tuesday 17th and Thursday 19th December 9.30am
It’s going to be wriggly!!