Fantastic Football at Stoke Park

Well done to all who took part in the Bristol Rovers Community Trust Football Match on Saturday against Filton Avenue Primary School. They worked together brilliantly as a team to win the match 11-0.

Stoke Park Sports Day

Thank you to everyone who came to watch the KS2, KS1 and Early Years sports days. The children had a brilliant time competing in lots of fun races and especially enjoyed the adult races! Well done everyone!

Year 3 and 4 Cheddar Caves Trip

What an exciting day at the Cheddar Caves for our Lower KS2 children. It was lovely sunny weather for walking up Jacobs Ladder too which was over 200 steps but worth it for the amazing view!

Year 3 Bakers!

What a great morning making our own dough and baking bread. We also learnt about the healthy eating plate and took home some free goodies too 🙂

Year 5 – 24 Maths Challenge

Quick! Think!

Year 5 went to Victoria Park and took part in the 24 maths challenge against other Year 5 children within the Cathedral School Trust. At the event, the children were put in to groups of 4 and shown a card with 4 numbers on it. The children then had to use all 4 numbers and any operation(s) to make the number 24. The children who could do it the quickest went through to the next round until there were just a couple of finalists. Congratulations to all the children who took park and a very special congratulations to our very own finalist and Group B Champion!

Year 3 at Pizza Express

Year 3 have all become Junior Pizzaiolos! As well as having loads of fun making our own margarita pizzas we had a very informative session all about the importance of using fresh, natural ingredients and being involved in cooking our own food. We all enjoyed having a picnic on the field at lunch eating our yummy fresh pizzas.

Year 3 Munching Caterpillar Workshop

On Monday we were very lucky to have some volunteers from Flutterby Learning come and teach us about butterflies and moths. We then planted flowers in the garden which they are attracted to. The volunteers will be back in two weeks time to check we’ve been caring for our plants and they are hopefully bringing in some moths!

Can you tell who is the moth and who is the butterfly?

Science Week!

To celebrate science week Year 5 completed a “Rocket Mice” experiment from the Science Museum Group.  First, we discussed how different shaped mice, size of bottle and pressure of the launch would make for different results.

“The bigger the bottle means more air to create a bigger thrust and therefore a big bottle will have an advantage”

“If I put spikes on my mouse it will go faster”

I will put less decorations on the mouse so the mouse will be lighter and therefore will travel further”

Then, the children designed their own mice using card, string and paper.

After this, we drew a vertical graph on the floor to measure the length of travel from each rocket mouse.

Soon after, the children were then able to choose the size of bottle and pressure to launch their mouse.

To finish, we discussed the effect of each mouse.  It was clear, the mouse with the pointiest nose, least decorations and launch from the biggest bottle with the most pressure went the furthest! Well done to our winner!