Mr Simons Head Teacher


If you are a visitor, I hope your visit to Stoke Park Primary School’s website will give you great insight in to our wonderful school. For pupils, parents and other members of our community, I hope that as you explore the site, it is not only a useful source of information, but also a cause of great pride as you reflect on the amazing school that we have built together.

What is it that we believe makes our school so special?

We have a dedicated and passionate staff team, all of whom are committed to ensuring that the children of Stoke Park flourish during their time at the school. Highly skilled and experienced, they deliver our exciting and rich curriculum with boundless enthusiasm and go all out to take the children on a learning adventure. As a result of this, our pupils enjoy school and the learning partnership between our staff and our pupils is fantastic.

At Stoke Park Primary School we believe in academic excellence but we also believe children need the opportunity to develop their interests and talents to the highest standards. Because of this, the school has worked hard to provide a very rich, high quality curriculum that enables children to go far beyond what is normally expected. To do this, the school employs a wide range of specialist teachers and coaches, many of whom have performed or played at a professional or national level.

Most importantly, and at the heart of everything we do here, are our children. Not only do our children make fantastic academic progress during their time at the school, their talent, character and energy continue to shine through in all areas of school life and they are an immense source of pride to all of the school community. OFSTED graded the children’s behaviour as ‘Outstanding’ and we agree.

Please take a visit through our school website to find out more about our school and what makes it so special. If you would like to visit the school or find out any further information, please do not hesitate to contact the school office.

Gareth Simons

Head Teacher