Stoke Park’s Vision Statement

At Stoke Park Schools, we believe that, for children in our community, there are no limits on what they can achieve in their lives when they build upon a strong foundation of inspired teaching, a strong home-school partnership and a visionary school community.

Therefore, both at school and through working with families, we will strive to provide our children with the very best learning experiences, opportunities and curriculum that:

Enables children to discover their own unique interests and talents and to develop these to a high standard so that they become lifelong sources of expression and enjoyment

Inspires them to learn the skills, knowledge and understanding they need to have highly successful, fulfilled childhoods and future adult lives

Helps them to become children who build trusting friendships; are strong in spirit; make wise personal choices ; and have strength of character

Provides the opportunity to be part of a thriving community that enriches childhood, celebrates success and encourages children to believe in their own potential.

Because of children’s achievements, our school community will know that our children’s ‘best’ is as good as anyone else’s ‘best’ and often, it will be better. This will build self-belief, be an inspiration to others and be an ever growing source of pride to all..