In 2015, we started to teach ballet as part of the curriculum to introduce another genre of dance and widen children’s ability to express themselves through this art form. In a short space of time, our children have made amazing progress in learning this highly complex and technically demanding form of dance.

In term 6 of 2016, some of our ballet dancers took their first professional ballet exams where they were assessed by an external ballet examiner. We were thrilled to find out that all the children passed with flying colours.

  • All 22 Year 1 pupils got Highly Commended for their Pre-Juvenile exam, which is the highest possible result at this level.


  • The 7 Year 2 and 3 pupils who took the Primary Grade exam received Distinction, which is highest possible grade at this level and needs over 85% to be achieved. Grace Stoner and Dante had the highest percentage at 86%


  • The 5 Year 2 and 3 pupils who took the Primary Classwork Assessment exam received Commended, which again is the highest possible grade at this level.

What a fantastic achievement for our pupils!

thumbnail_Primary group

As part of the PE curriculum, all classes will have a ballet lesson each week as part of their PE curriculum. In addition to the reasons mentioned above, ballet is one of the best ways to develop core strength and flexibility. This compliments and support children’s development in our key sports of gymnastics, football and rugby.

Tamara Sage is our resident ballet teacher. She teaches ballet as part of the P.E. curriculum from Year 1 to 6. She is a fully qualified ballet teacher through the International Dance Teacher’s Association, with 15 years’ experience. Tamara has run dance clubs of all ages, taking groups to perform at Stages in the Colston Hall for the last five years.


Tamara Sage, our ballet teacher.