Year 3 at Pizza Express

Year 3 have all become Junior Pizzaiolos! As well as having loads of fun making our own margarita pizzas we had a very informative session all about the importance of using fresh, natural ingredients and being involved in cooking our own food. We all enjoyed having a picnic on the field at lunch eating our yummy fresh pizzas.

Year 3 Munching Caterpillar Workshop

On Monday we were very lucky to have some volunteers from Flutterby Learning come and teach us about butterflies and moths. We then planted flowers in the garden which they are attracted to. The volunteers will be back in two weeks time to check we’ve been caring for our plants and they are hopefully bringing in some moths!

Can you tell who is the moth and who is the butterfly?

Science Week!

To celebrate science week Year 5 completed a “Rocket Mice” experiment from the Science Museum Group.  First, we discussed how different shaped mice, size of bottle and pressure of the launch would make for different results.

“The bigger the bottle means more air to create a bigger thrust and therefore a big bottle will have an advantage”

“If I put spikes on my mouse it will go faster”

I will put less decorations on the mouse so the mouse will be lighter and therefore will travel further”

Then, the children designed their own mice using card, string and paper.

After this, we drew a vertical graph on the floor to measure the length of travel from each rocket mouse.

Soon after, the children were then able to choose the size of bottle and pressure to launch their mouse.

To finish, we discussed the effect of each mouse.  It was clear, the mouse with the pointiest nose, least decorations and launch from the biggest bottle with the most pressure went the furthest! Well done to our winner!

To infinity and beyond!

This afternoon, Mrs Hudd’s class celebrated science week by doing a ‘Rocket Mice’ investigation linked to forces. They voted on a 3 different bottles to be used and predicted which would be best for allowing their very own mouse to travel as high as possible. They made some really sensible suggestions based on the amount of air inside each bottle as well as the type of plastic each was made from. When their tested their own mice, there were some astounding results with the milk container allowing one mouse named ‘Jeff’ to hit the touch of the portacabin ceiling which is an incredible 2.5m tall! A fun afternoon was had by all! Parents of Year 6, don’t forget to join us tomorrow afternoon at 2.45pm – I hope you’re paper plane making skills are ready!

Y3 Maths Measure

Year 3 have been busy this morning measuring different items in the classroom. I was really proud of how the children displayed such excellent teamwork.


E safety warning

Please read the attached link regarding a concerning game which children are being drawn in to when playing online

Please be vigilant when children are online and remind children how to stay safe online. We have reminded children of the e safety rules in assembly today and encouraged them to talk to adults if they see any content which worries them. As this particular game asks children to complete challenges in the night, we advise that children are not sent to bed with phones/tablets and are monitored closely whilst online.

A safer internet for your children.


Last week we celebrated Safer Internet Day. The global theme was ‘together for a better internet’. To ensure we live in a safer world, everyone has their part to play in making the internet a better place.


 SID2019 Parents and Carers – Conversation Starters

SID2019 Parents and Carers – Fun Things To Do

SID2019 Parents and Carers – Information and Online Resources


Below are some of the main themes we discussed during the day.

Choose to make good choices online

Every time we go online there are lots of choices we have to make. For example, which game should I play? Should I reply to that message? Should I click that button? Remember to make choices that are kind, respectful and safe and always check with an adult if you’re unsure about something online.

Choose to ask if it’s okay

If you are about to do something online that will affect other people, make sure to ask, ‘is it okay’? If someone says no, we need to respect their choice and choose to do something different that won’t worry or upset them​


Choose to keep personal information safe online

Always keep personal information safe online and check with an adult before you share. Personal information includes your full name, where you live and where you go to school and it can belong to you or someone you know. If someone is asking for your personal information online, then tell an adult and never agree to meet up with someone you only know online. ​



Have a look at the tips and links below with some suggestions on how to get you started and help you to stay safe and positive online.

Childline   –

You can talk to ChildLine online or by phone whenever you need to. Whatever your worry, its better out than in.

Think U Know? – (CEOP)

If you or a friend are worried about something that’s happened to you online or you’re uncomfortable with something that another person on the internet is asking you to do, then don’t keep it to yourself – you can report it here.

Kidsmart –

For anyone aged 3-11 years old.

Learn about your Internet safety on adventures with Smartie the Penguin, or Captain Kara and the SMART Crew.

Netsmartz Kids –

For anyone aged 5-10 years old.

Learn with Clicky through games and videos about how to make yourself safe online.

Netsmartz Tweens –

For anyone aged 8-12 years old.

Find out how to best protect yourself online through videos, games and the real life experiences from people your age.