A safer internet for your children.


Last week we celebrated Safer Internet Day. The global theme was ‘together for a better internet’. To ensure we live in a safer world, everyone has their part to play in making the internet a better place.


 SID2019 Parents and Carers – Conversation Starters

SID2019 Parents and Carers – Fun Things To Do

SID2019 Parents and Carers – Information and Online Resources


Below are some of the main themes we discussed during the day.

Choose to make good choices online

Every time we go online there are lots of choices we have to make. For example, which game should I play? Should I reply to that message? Should I click that button? Remember to make choices that are kind, respectful and safe and always check with an adult if you’re unsure about something online.

Choose to ask if it’s okay

If you are about to do something online that will affect other people, make sure to ask, ‘is it okay’? If someone says no, we need to respect their choice and choose to do something different that won’t worry or upset them​


Choose to keep personal information safe online

Always keep personal information safe online and check with an adult before you share. Personal information includes your full name, where you live and where you go to school and it can belong to you or someone you know. If someone is asking for your personal information online, then tell an adult and never agree to meet up with someone you only know online. ​



Have a look at the tips and links below with some suggestions on how to get you started and help you to stay safe and positive online.

Childline   –  www.childline.org.uk

You can talk to ChildLine online or by phone whenever you need to. Whatever your worry, its better out than in.

Think U Know? – www.thinkuknow.co.uk (CEOP)

If you or a friend are worried about something that’s happened to you online or you’re uncomfortable with something that another person on the internet is asking you to do, then don’t keep it to yourself – you can report it here.

Kidsmart – www.kidsmart.org.uk

For anyone aged 3-11 years old.

Learn about your Internet safety on adventures with Smartie the Penguin, or Captain Kara and the SMART Crew.

Netsmartz Kids – www.netsmartzkids.org

For anyone aged 5-10 years old.

Learn with Clicky through games and videos about how to make yourself safe online.

Netsmartz Tweens – www.nsteens.org

For anyone aged 8-12 years old.

Find out how to best protect yourself online through videos, games and the real life experiences from people your age.

The Floor Is Lava! (and other Reception adventures)

In Dragonfly Class this week, we have created more rockets and aliens. The children chose their colours for fire and metal and used fine motor skills to cut and stick. Their imaginations were as incredible as the milky way itself!

Then we beamed down to a planet that was burning hot. The children had to communicate and problem solve to cross from one end of the planet to the other end… Next we visited an icy planet, recaptured all of the moon rocks and alien samples, and arrived back on Earth just in time to learn about Venus.

On Thursday. at 2pm, we are inviting in dads, and any other parent or guardian who would like to come and make rockets. Please sign in at the office and any donations of selotape, masking tape and foil would be greatly appreciated.

We are continuing to write sentences based on our story and we will publish our space book next week.

Please continue to read with your child at least three times a week, as this is vital to their learning and understanding.

Some useful links for you to use at home are…

For phonics:


Use phase 2 or phase 3 and revise all.

For numbers:


All the best and please remember that PE is on a Monday and Tuesday, your child will need a change of clothes. We will change back once we are finished.


Many thanks! Early Years Team.

Y3 and Y4 School Trip to Wild Place

We had a great time at Wild Place on our school trip. We took part in team building activities making dens in the woods and playing games. We saw a huge variety of animals but the lemurs only peeped their heads out as they were hiding from the cold! We also had a lot of fun walking and splashing in the mud and puddles!
Thank you to the parent helpers who came along to help on the day as well.


Dentist Visit to Year 5

This afternoon, Year 5 had a visit from 6 trainee dentists from the University of Bristol Dental Hospital.  They came to Oak Class armed with toothbrushes, toothpastes, aprons, plastic gloves, teeth moulds, plastic patients and the famous mouth mirrors for us to explore.

The dentists set up a carousel, where the children took turns in experiencing all things dentist-like.  The children moulded their own teeth using clay, practised counting teeth (and spotting rotten ones) in 2 plastic patients, took a quiz and saw how much plaque is actually in our mouths (and then brushed it all away!).  We then finished up with a Q&A where the children asked some really interesting questions about how to become a dentist, teeth whitening and even why they use laughing gas.

Overall, it was an excellent first-hand learning experience and definitely something we will all remember.  Thank you Dentists!





Instructions and phonics in reception!

Hello everyone!  This week we are learning instructions for how to build a nest for an owl. The children made their own super nests from clay and sticks. They all used excellent listening skills to complete this. You can practise reading it with them at home.




Also, here is a super phonics song to help your child practise their sounds.



Saving Energy!

This afternoon, Year 6 were lucky to be able to take part in a science workshop all about the energy we use everyday! They took a quiz and were surprised to discover that having a shower used less water than taking a bath! They made an energy promise to improve their impact on the environment and we’ll be sure to turn off the lights when we aren’t in the classroom in future!

Music with Mr Bailey!

Year 6 had a fun-filled afternoon learning to play the cornet or trombone with Mr Bailey. They started off by blowing the air through their lips and then moved onto using the mouthpiece of their instrument to do the same. After some time of practising, they learnt to play a single note with their chosen instrument and persevered to try to hold this note for 4 beats! They are already looking forward to next week’s lesson!