Welcome to Cedar Class!

Teacher: Miss Setherton

TA: Miss Winkworth and Mrs B

Welcome to Year 2. We have an exciting year ahead of us, with some wonderful topics, trips and adventures heading our way in the next 6 terms. Keep checking our class page for more information.

This year we will be doing PE, Gymnastics, Ballet and Forest School all week. Please bring in a PE and Forest School kit every week.

Spellings will be sent home each Friday. Please help your child to practice these at home. There is a big focus on spellings as we enter Year 2, so this will really support their fluency in writing. We will also be sending books home each day. Please read regularly together as this will build your child’s confidence and strengthen their love of reading.

I feel very lucky to be teaching such a caring, positive and hard-working group. Keep up the good work Cedar Class, and together we’ll go far.

Term 4 – Horrible Histories

This term we are turning back time and travelling to 1666 when the Great Fire of London started. We will try to imagine what life was like in London before, during and after this event, using Samuel Pepys’ diary to help us to paint a picture of the scene. In Science, we will investigate light and sound, in Art we will look at patterns and textures in buildings and in Literacy we will work towards creating poems and newspaper reports. Our Maths learning will focus on fractions and how to find a half and a quarter. We also look forward to a visit from the local fire service.

Homework Planner Horrible Histories Term 4 (1)

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Topic Overview Horrible Histories Term 4 (3)

Term 3 – I’m a celebrity

This term we are turning ourselves into celebrities. We will start with a red carpet event, where we can all show off our glamorous outfits and have a walk down the red carpet. Throughout the topic we will be learning about famous celebrities of the past and present and deciding which one is our favourite. We will also be finding out about ourselves in our Science work, including what we need to survive and stay healthy. In Art we will have fun creating our own portraits in the style of famous artists.

Will we meet a celebrity on our journey?

Termly newsletter T3

Homework Planner I’m a Celebrity (1)Topic Overview- I’m a Celebrity

Term 2 – Robots

Our topic this term is all about robots! Over the term we will discover how robots move and how things are powered by electricity. In DT we will design our own robot cars by making axels to help them move. In history we will learn about the changes in technology within our lifetime. We can’t wait for all this robot excitement!

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Homework Planner Robots

Term 1 – Deadly 60

Our topic this term is all about dangerous animals! We will consider life as an explorer and journey to wild places.  We will become deadly 60 reporters and find out about the creatures in various extreme habitats around the world.  In history we will learn about famous explorers both past and present. We will become wildlife photographers in art to find out about the animals that live in our local environment. We will finish our topic with a trip to the Wild Place and become real life explorers.


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