Welcome to Cedar Class!

Teacher: Miss Setherton

TA: Mrs Facciponti

Welcome to Year 2. We have an exciting year ahead of us, with some wonderful topics, trips and adventures heading our way in the next 6 terms. Keep checking our class page for more information.

This year our PE days are:

Monday – Games

Wednesday – Ballet / Gym

Thursday – Gym / Ballet

Spellings will be sent home each Friday. Please help your child to practice these at home. There is a big focus on spellings as we enter Year 2, so this will really support their fluency in writing. We will also be sending books home each day. Please read regularly together as this will build your child’s confidence and strengthen their love of reading.

I feel very lucky to be teaching such a caring, positive and hard-working group. Keep up the good work Cedar Class, and together we’ll go far.

Term 1 – Dangerous dragons

This term we will be learning about dangerous dragons such as the Komodo Dragon and other wild beast in our world. We will also discover what life was like in the past for people who lived in castles. To finish this exciting topic we will visit Cardiff Castle and hear the exciting stories of dragons from the castle knight!

Please click on the links below for our class homework planner, topic overview and term 1 newsletter.

Cedar Termly newsletter

Homework Dangerous Dragons

Topic Overview dangerous dragons

Term 2 – space invaders

This term we are learning all about space and how to get there. We will be finding out about people who have been to space and what it is like. We will also be investigating light and experimenting with different light sources. In Art and DT we will be creating our own alien puppets and using these to preform a puppet show.

Please click on the links below for our class homework planner, newsletter and topic overview.

Topic Overview Space Invaders

homework planner

Cedar Termly newsletter space

Term 3 – Night time, fright time

We are learning all about nocturnal animals and their habitats. We can’t wait to take a trip to Stoke Park to discover the animals that live there, listen to the noises they make and try to find their homes. We will be starting the topic with a night time walk (weather permitting!) to tell each other night time stories. In Literacy we will be learning about the story ‘The Owl who was afraid of the dark’.We are looking forward to another exciting learning adventure!

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Homework Planner night time fright time

Topic Overview night time fright time

Termly newsletter 3

Term 4 – African Adventure

This term we are learning all about Africa! We will be learning traditional tales, finding out about the animals and people who live there, comparing landscapes of various habitats around Africa and creating our own African art.  We will start our topic by taking off on our route to Africa with a safari around the school!

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Homework Planner

Termly newsletter

Topic Overview African Adventure

Term 5 – Walk the Plank

We are learning all about Pirates and the adventures that they had. We will focus on pirate ships and investigate how they float on the seven seas. We will be launching our topic by singing shanties, reading pirate stories and creating pirate maps. During the term we will be writing our own pirate stories, reading about pirates in the past and mapping out their exploratory quest to find the buried treasure. Set sail with us across the stormy oceans on our latest learning adventure.

Arrrrrrr me hearties!

Term 6 Newsletter

Homework Planner Pirates

Topic Overview Walk The Plank

Term 6 – Enchanted Forest

We are learning all about plants and how they grow. We will investigate what they need to survive and planting our own seeds.  We will investigate the environment and where different plants grow. We hope to visit some local habitats to see the variety of colours and textures plants produce which we will use when imitating the art of famous artists who captured plants and flowers. We will bring this into our Literacy by exploring the story Wild by Emily Hughes.

Term 6 Enchanted Forest Homework

Term 6 Enchanted Forest Termly Newsletter

Term 6 Enchanted Forest Topic Overview