Welcome to Dragonfly Class!


Class Teacher – Mr Pritchard                       
Teaching Assistants – Mrs Annette Daly and Mrs Rachael Dicks

Below you will find the Topic webs each term.

Please make sure you read with your child every night or at least as many times as possible throughout the week. Please remember to bring their book bag everyday.

PE days are on a MONDAY and a TUESDAY.

Please click on the following links to view the term’s topic web, which explains what kind of activities we will be doing in class, and the areas of learning that we will be specifically focussing on during the term.

Term 1 – All About me  

DF.Learning map All About Me

DF18.19.Topic web All About Me

Termly newsletter term 1


Term 2 – Celebrations

This term we will be learning about celebrations throughout the world. The children will learn about instructions for Diwali lamps and the story of the Ginger Bread Man. We will also be learning about number, adding, subtracting and position.

term 2 2018 learning map


Term 3 – Space

This term we will be learning about our solar system’s planets, moons and the sun. We will be creating stories and focusing on sentence structure in our writing. We will be counting moon rocks and adding them together, learning about time and sequences and exploring our very own space station. I look forward to creating aerodynamic rockets.

term 3 learning map

Term 4 – Fairy Tales.

This term we will be learning about traditional fairy tales. We will be creating our own story books based on the Three Billy Goats Gruff the setting and characters, using adjectives to describe them and how to improve a story by adding new parts. We will learn 3D shapes, how to measure time and exploring what happens when 2 or more billy goats join the gang, what happened when snow white lost 5 dwarfs and if the 3 little pigs looked in a mirror, how many would there be?