A note about the changes to/at/concerning Stoke Park Children’s Centre

As you are probably aware, there are many changes afoot – changes that are affecting the way children’s centres across the city (including Stoke Park Children’s Centre) operate. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone as the lead up to such changes has been widely reported – basically huge funding cuts from Government have finally caught up with children’s centres and are now impacting fully on the ongoing work of those centres as well as associated family support work across the city.

Please note – this isn’t the end for children’s centres and Stoke Park Children’s Centre isn’t closing. Centres are being restructured and will continue, albeit with fewer staff in place and with activities directed through the new area hubs (in north Bristol this is Filton Avenue Nursery & Children’s Centre). Please keep an eye on what is happening via social media and do direct any interested and/or vulnerable families to relevant activities and/or to the hub itself. The Stoke Park Children’s Centre Facebook page will be updated periodically by the new area hub.

As part of this restructure, Greenbank, Eastville Park and Stapleton will no longer be part of the Stoke Park Children’s Centre reach area. The Greenbank area will be supported by St Paul’s, which will be co-ordinating Central Bristol Children’s Centres, and the Eastville Park and Stapleton areas will be supported by Little Hayes, which will be co-ordinating East Bristol Children’s Centres.

Please do bear with those working on this – the work involved in restructuring is vast and the process has not yet been fully completed. The reason that services have been so affected at Stoke Park Children’s Centre is because of the number of staff who have left employment; this isn’t the case with some other centres. We are hopeful that as they are co-ordinated, managed and quality assured by the hub, the right front-line services will be in place, and protected, to meet the needs and wants of the area. Some of the ‘projects’ you have used in your droves will continue, including Boing! and Family First Aid. In order to access our Boing! timetable please see our Facebook page.

At Stoke Park Children’s Centre we have really enjoyed and valued working with families living in our reach area over the past ten years, and would like to thank you for the time you have spent getting to know us too, whether at groups, through Boing!, in person or during our First Aid project. Much appreciation has to go to those people who have, for several years, protected the important work of settings such as Stoke Park Children’s Centre. Our activities and initiatives have benefitted many residents, as well as others from further afield, and we have loved seeing (very many) lives directly transformed through the support we have provided. Proper kudos and huge thanks has to go to all the individuals who have worked for and with Stoke Park Children’s Centre over the past 10 years.

It has been a pleasure getting to know you and we wish you all the best for the future.

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