Welcome to Hazel Class!

There will be two adults working in Hazel Class this year. The class teacher will be Miss Simmons and teaching assistant will be the brilliant Mrs Winkworth. We will work together to support our Year 1 children to learn through a fun, engaging and inspiring curriculum.

We will have:

Tuesday – Ballet / Gym

Wednesday – Games

Thursday – Ballet / Gym

We will send 5 spellings home on a Friday. Please practice these over the week, ready for a spelling test the following Friday. We have a spelling challenge, where each child has the chance to move through the solar system to reach the sun (completing 100 spellings).

Please work with your child to complete one homework activity each week (see homework planner attached). We will share our home learning at the end of each term in a class ‘gallery’.

Reading at home with your child has a huge impact on their learning. Please read for 5-10 minutes at least 4 times a week, if not every day. Your child can get a new book to read if they drop it in the book box as they come into the classroom in the morning.

Thank you for your continued support at home!

Term 3: Night Time Fright Time

We are learning all about nocturnal animals and their habitats. We can’t wait to take a trip to Stoke Park to discover the animals that live there, listen to the noises they make and try to find their homes.  We will have a night time walk, take snacks (weather permitting!) and tell each other night time stories. We are also looking forward to inviting a hedgehog charity to the school to tell us more about these special nocturnal animals.

Homework Planner Night Time Fright Time

Termly Newsletter Night Time Fright Time

Topic Overview Night Time Fright Time

Term 2: Space Invaders

We are learning all about space and how to get there.  We will be finding out about people who have been to space and what it is like.  We will be investigating light and the different places that it comes from by experimenting with light sources.  We will be getting creative by designing and building space stations, rockets, planets and aliens.  We will consider how astronauts survive in space and the food they need to survive.

Space Invaders Homework Planner

Space Invaders Termly Newsletter

Space Invaders Topic Overview

Term 1: Dangerous Dragons

Our topic this term is focusing on Dangerous Dragons. We will be exploring stories about the magical world of dragons and castles in literacy. We will be creating masks in Art and DT, and making links to real dragons around the world in Geography. In History, we will research dragon myths and the medieval world.

Hazel Class Newsletter Term 1

Homework Term 1 Dangerous Dragons

Topic Overview Term 1 Dangerous Dragons