At Stoke Park Primary children are taken on a learning journey through a range of exciting areas of science that are always related to the children’s real world experiences.

We teach all areas of the national curriculum in an engaging and fun way which allows the children to develop a passion for science. Learning in science is reinforced within year group topic work so that it has cross-curricular links with history, geography, art and music. We often use a range of practical resources and plan stimulating out of school trips that will excite the children and show them how science is all around us!

Within every lesson the children are taught a scientific skill that is targeted towards areas they need to develop. Right from the start in Reception through to Year 6 children are encouraged to work scientifically and master the methods and processes that will support them in their future. We encourage children to explore new ideas and solve problems for themselves, using the range skills that they have been taught.

The children’s understanding of a topic is supported through the teaching of scientific vocabulary and processes, which is evident in children’s books and on display in their classrooms.

Stoke Park Schools annual science day celebrates the children’s love of science. This is an opportunity for the whole school to investigate and explore an area of science together, such as discovering what makes a rocket fly far and entering a space dome.

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KS1 Science

Lower KS2 Science

Upper KS2 Science