Early Years

The Early Years Curriculum

At Stoke Park we strive to provide, through the quality teaching and delivery of the EYFS curriculum and by embedding the Characteristics of Effective Learning, a learning environment where our children have the very best learning experiences, opportunities and interactions that:

– Inspire them to learn the skills, knowledge and understanding they need to have highly successful, fulfilled childhoods and future adult lives

– Help them to become children who build trusting friendships; are strong in spirit (and are resilient); make wise personal choices; and have strength of character

– Provides the opportunity to be part of a thriving community that enriches childhood, celebrates success and encourages children to believe in their own potential.

We are determined to enable our children to achieve their very best outcomes and therefore our teachers will use their expert knowledge of the children to assess what the children know, monitor and make judgements on their progress, and use this information to plan next steps, taking into account the child’s interests and disposition to learning.  At Stoke Park Nursery and Primary we are committed to enabling all children to have the very best start to their educational journey in line with our school values: Be kind, Be proud and Strive to succeed.

Follow the link to our Early Years Curriculum Policy 

Follow the link to our 2023-24 Early Years Curriculum Document