At Stoke Park, we want all of our children to be effective, reflective communicators who are able to find their voice and use it to be agents of change. Spoken communication (oracy) skills are taught throughout our curriculum and our classrooms are a talk-rich environment. 

Our school maximises opportunities for oracy for all students; students use their voices in meaningful contexts in and beyond the classroom. Across our trust and individual school community, oracy is nurtured by everyday interactions and is visible, showcased and celebrated throughout school life. 

Oracy is the thread that ties our school values together:

  • We are kind in every interaction we have, learning to disagree respectfully, valuing every voice and recognising different points of view.

  • We are proud to share our opinions confidently, use our voices to defend others and stand up for what we believe in.

  • We strive for success by harnessing our learning and oracy skills to talk for a range of purposes and audiences.