Cathedral Schools Trust

Cathedral Schools Trust is a multi-academy trust based in the South West. The trust currently includes the following schools:

  • Headley Park Primary School
  • Victoria Park Primary School
  • Cathedral Primary School
  • Stoke Park Primary School
  • St Katherine's School
  • Bristol Cathedral Choir School
  • Trinity Academy¬†
  • Hotwells Primary School
  • St Werburgh's Primary School


Cathedral Schools Trust believes in education that encourages young people to be imaginative, knowledgeable, hopeful and equipped to make significant decisions. It believes children should be safe, healthy and happy. Our core values are derived from Christian teachings and are representative of all faiths. Cathedral Schools Trust believes that children will benefit if they learn reverence for one another and for the wider world. The trust welcomes children of all faiths and none.

The trust hopes to create a community of learning that embraces teachers, students and their families, who learn from one another. Strong and trusting relationships are at the heart of good education. The trust values diversity and encourages excellence. We hope that students will be full of hope and a force for good in the world. Music will play an important role in the life of our schools, enhancing the sense of community via performance and celebration. The focus will be on working in partnership, with a rigorous but collegiate approach to support and challenge school leaders, staff and governors. The MAT will be fully inclusive and will include both non-faith community schools and Church of England schools. It will support and build leadership and management capacity, and it will value and encourage the continual professional learning of staff. We will always seek to improve.

To find out more about Cathedral Schools Trust, please visit the website: Bristol Cathedral Schools Trust