Pupil Wellbeing

What do Stoke Park do to support pupil mental health and well-being?

It is widely recognised that a child’s emotional health and well-being influences their cognitive development and learning as well as their physical and social health and their mental well-being in adulthood. At Stoke Park we are committed to promoting and supporting every child’s mental health and well-being. Preventative measures are in place to support emotional well-being and good mental health such as:

  • Offering a broad and balanced curriculum that promotes resilience and supports social and emotional well being
  • Nurturing pupils talents through a broad range of enrichment activities which enables them to grow in confidence and develop a passion
  • Enabling students to have a voice in what happens so they can influence decision making at the school and feel empowered
  • Providing an ethos and environment that promotes respect and values diversity
  • Promoting healthy lifestyles

We are also aware that some children will be more vulnerable to mental health issues due to certain vulnerability factors. We identify these children and monitor the support we provide to both them and their families.

What can you do to support your child’s mental health and well-being? 

  • Talk to your child about any worries or concerns they may have
  • Listen and try to understand their views
  • Encourage communication and do activities together
  • Support your child’s learning
  • Encourage your child to eat healthily and be physically active
  • Ensure your child is getting enough sleep
  • Seek help from the school or other professionals if you are concerned

If you have concerns about a child’s emotional health or wellbeing then please speak to our wellbeing lead, Mrs Higgitt or our Pastoral Learning Mentor, Miss Robinson.